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Andrea's Memorial

Andrea Jane Parmeter died June 19, 1996.    She loved life and she loved both Andrew and myself very much. We met on a blind date and married 4 years later.   She died 16 days after our first anniversary.  This is my tribute to her.   Andrea, we miss you terribly and our hearts ache.  We love you with all of our hearts and your memory will live on forever.  You live on in your son Andrew and you will always live on in my thoughts and dreams.

I have also assembled some various babblings of myself. If you are interested in these, please follow the links. Thus far I have written but 1 poem and but 2 short stories. They all deal with loss and emotion. Please feel free to comment to me.

My first attempt to write a poem.

Here a couple of short stories I have written. You may have seen versions of the first story, The Dragon Fly.  It is my own working as is the sequel to it, called The Rules.

Please Visit my Memorial Online.

Please send any comments to Brad Parmeter Ever lasting candle.