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The Rules...

The rules are simple. Once you have crossed over, you can not go back to tell others of, perhaps, a glorious place that awaits all of us when it is our turn. If I may use the analogy of the dragon fly, we are in an early stage of our life. Perhaps some of you know that a mosquito has an extremely short life span. A mosquito lives for 12 or 24 hours, I'm not sure which, but it doesn't matter. It is a very short life indeed. A mosquito does not know the value of time therefore he does not know that he has a short life. He lives his life in the span we call a day. What if our lives are but a day in the grand skeem of things. We live what we know to be life in 80 years or so. Some much shorter than others. What's to say the ones that leave us early by our standards, are just faster at maturing than we are. I am not a real religious man but I do not believe that our perception of life is the end, but a beginning. As in the dragon fly, when it is time, it is time. The maturing larva climbs a plant or a water lily to transform into the next phase of life. Why is it that we humans use lilies as a flower of death? Is it symbolic to us because a lily is where a dragon fly is born from? Of course once the dragon fly has passed over the great barrier, he can not go back for he would truly parish. Would you go back to being a baby if you knew that your friends or your family will be along soon? Maybe the concept of time is different in the next phase? Maybe after death one second to someone who has crossed over is the same as one year to us. It wouldn't be wise to surely perish to get back if they know that in another couple of minutes their loved one will be along. Surely there are times when baby larva may catch a glimpse of something that looks familiar but could it be that it is a reflection from above? As a dragon fly is born it looks nothing like the larva that it was even if it did go back, would the larva that it left recognize him? Maybe we also transform a bit when it is our time and the rule is not actually a rule but a phrase. "No one would recognize you anyway." I'm sure that a sign here and there may be permitted and it would be up to us to recognize the sign. A sign from someone who has passed over is rare and is always interpreted by the one who it is sent to differently than to others. I believe that maybe a sign is a reassurance or a little splash in the great barrier to let us know there is something after. We should not be afraid of death as it is a beginning to a new life. I think that grief is a learning experience to prepare us for "The Rule" if we know how to grieve, the rule won't be so hard to abide by. How sad it would be to break the rule and never see our loved ones again. Also, the dragon fly never really leaves were he is from but stays around. The only thing that changes is the space that it lives in. We are not unlike the dragon fly. For those of us who have had a sign know that our loved ones are never far away. They are just out of reach. In a dragon flies case after the crossover he can still see quite clearly his family and friends. As you know, you can see what is under the water from above, but you can't see above from under the water. Our loved ones are watching over us and knowing that we will be ok even though we can't see them exept when the wind blows a certain way and ripples the great barrier to cause a reflection from above. Here's another thought, as we grow older, we all know that our skin becomes aged, our eyes start to fail, our hearing becomes less, etc... A cacoon slowly clouds the outer shell until the outer shell is nothing but that, an outer shell which breaks open to a new life.

These are nothing but babblings and thoughts put down on an electronic piece of paper. I am not weird or anything and I don't believe that the human race evolved from dragon flies. Please take my words as they were meant and that is comparisons and analogies. May our loved ones always watch over us from beyond the great barrier!

Brad Parmeter