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A Sign...

So fortunate are we
just to be
and not to think
of tradegy

For no one thinks
the end is near
and no one thinks
to shed a tear

The ones we love
we take for granted
the ones that are close
"I Love You's" are chanted

Then one day
in the blink of an eye
I was forced
to say "Good-bye"

My grief overwelms me
to the point of breaking
My sorrow takes over
in the night, I'm waking

I wonder how
and I wonder why
but there is no reason
and it won't help to try

The total feeling
of desperation
is clouded by

I keep my head high
I keep my chin up
I say I'm ok
but I'm really fed up

And finally when things
are said and are done
it dawns on me that
I've just lost my loved one

The days turn to weeks
minute to hour
My chest feels real pain
and my heart starts to cowar

I wonder if time
can ever heal pain
I have my doubts
but still hope in vain

I miss very much
what was once only mine
in the midst of my sorrow
finally, a sign...


                                                                                        Brad Parmeter