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The Dragon Fly

The dragon fly starts out as a larva which is like a little worm. He lives and plays in the water as a young larva. One day a bunch of friends were swimming around wondering what happened when it was time to leave. Lots of speculation came from all of them. One said "I think there is a long tunnel with a very bright light at the end and it is very peaceful." Another said "I think you just fade to black and sink to the bottom." Yet another said "For some reason I think we will turn to angels and fly away." Of course the others scuffed at him saying "how can you fly in the water?" Silly larva. Well time passes and the larva soon forget about their little discussion on what happens after death. One day one of the friends passed on and the others were very sad exept the one who had mentioned flying away. He said to the others "Why are you sad?" Soon it will be our turn to fly away also" "Just imagine growing wings and flying wherever you wanted" The others felt comfort in this, somehow but were still very sad. As time passed on the larva were all getting older and soon one by one were going away. The little larva missed his friends tremendously but still knew that there had to be something better someday. Well when it was his turn he awoke one morning to a surrounding that was very unfamiliar to him. He was not wet, he felt very warm and very safe somehow. As he got up, he realized he had wings. His smile went from ear to ear and he realized that it had been his time. He was greeted by his old pals and they sat near some water and chatted about what had happened. He asked why nobody knew what happened when it was our turn and the answer was, it was against the rules. They continued to say we never actually leave the water it is always very near. We can see our friends in the water but they can not see us. We watch over them until it is their turn and greet them when they cross the great barrier. The great barrier, of course is the thin line were water and air meet. The only way to get through it is to wait for your turn. The larva, now a dragonfly, flapped his wings a couple of times and smiled with pleasure. He thought, what time he had spent wondering what had happened to his friends and a the while they were flying above him watching over him. There is never an end, for an end is just another beginning. We may not know what happens to our loved ones that have moved on but I am sure they are flying over head watching over us and waiting until it is our turn to break through the great barrier of water we call life and spread our wings. To be, once more together...

Brad Parmeter