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This is a tribute to my Fritz, who left us one year ago.

Frederick (Fritz) Alexsander Luke November 17,1934-February 9, 1996

It has been a hard year adjusting to life without this man. He was such an integral part of so many lives. I look back and cherish the thirty-nine years we had together and am so thankful for all the memories, good and bad. Not that we had many bad. Fritz and I had a relationship that endured many obstacles. The biggest was his heart attack in 1977.

He had to retire at that time from the Tool & Die trade, and I, whom had been a house wife and Mother for twenty-five years, suddenly had to go out into the working world. He then took care of the children and did the cooking. I, became the bread winner. For nineteen years we did things this way, with everything running smoothly.

The Doctors had warned us from the beginning that he could go at anytime, but Fritz wasn't the kind to let something like a heart condition stop him. We raised those three children, camped, traveled and every year he went on his annual hunting trip to Northern Michigan. The picture you see is of him by his beloved Dodge pickup on his last hunting trip in November of 95.

My Fritz had a real lust for life and enjoyed it to his fullest. He was a happy, funny and not, in spite of having a heart condition , a sickly man. To look at him, one would never know he had a heart condition. But all of us who knew Fritz were aware of his problem. He took things slow and inspite of living a full life, took very good care of himself. So much that as you noted, he lived for nineteen years after the first heart attack.

He was loved by so many. It showed at the memorial service for him by the masses of friends and family that came. He wasn't religious, but a very straightforward and honest man. A shoot from the shoulder kind of guy. The service was done by our brother-in-law who is Deacon at the Catholic Church not far from where we lived. We ourselves were non-practicing Lutherans, but his brother-in-law, who loved and respected Fritz offered to do the service. The kids and I agreed, as nothing would be more fitting then to have his brother-in-law do it.

It was a real tribute to Fritz. An undenominational service done at the Catholic Church with testimonials done by friends and family. Stories of his many escapades throughout his 61 years of life. Tears and laughter rained upon the church that day. it was obvious he was well loved and would be missed by the 250 people that gathered to pay tribute to this man.

He was a wonderful husband, very loved Father, adored Grandfather and a friend to many and enemy to none. I will miss him and will always have him in my heart and my thoughts.


Some Family photos

In Memory......

Those we Love remain with us,
  for Love itself lives on.
Cherished memories never fade,
  because one loved is gone.
Those we Love can never be,
  more than a thought apart,
For as long as there's a memory,
  they live on in our heart.