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  In memory of my friends, I come here today
  Please listen to my words, and what I have to say

  Do not be afraid for these two young men
  Now they are free of worry, strife, and sin

  They left this life, to heaven they went
  Now they have found true happiness, and they are content

  Don't feel such sorrow, don't feel such grief
  Their souls are safe with God, because, in Jesus, they believed

  They will be eternally happy in their new found home
  Where they are free to live, play, and roam

  No one needs to worry, or have any fear
  They will never leave our hearts, they will always be near

  They were very good people, very strong of heart
  Only for a short time, with them, we must part

  This poem was in memory of Richard Pontious, and Jonathan Thais
  We know where they are, we know they are in a better place

                                         by John-Thomas Brown