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Ginny's Memorial

     Virginia (Ginny) Wyan Shoeman, my wife, died on 31 March, 1997 in Fort Myers, Florida. Ginny was a fresh breeze of life and beauty who blew happiness into the world of those she touched: yet she could not touch herself. She loved me very much and I loved her more than she could have ever imagined. We met in Houston, Texas in 1983. After an interval of ten years we lost contact, we were reunited in marriage in February 1993. She died 33 days after our fourth anniversary.

     Ginny, yours is the greatest love I have ever known; yours is the greaest loss I have ever felt. Your memory continues to live on within me. When you died, a piece of me died also. The present ended; the future stopped. There was no more. However, the spot you occupied in my heart remains there alive and well. So shall it remain forever. I see your presence everywhere-in our home, in the car, when shopping, when daydreaming-there is no end. How can you be everywhere but nowhere? Like the breeze you come and go and as the tears run down my face I know you are here. So long as I live, so shall you live too. You will never be far from me.

     Until we are again reunited, I shall carry your loving memory with me wherever I go. Shalom, my darling Ginny.

Wayne Shoeman