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My Mommy is an Angel,
And I miss her so very much,
What I miss the most,
Is her gentle, loving touch.

I know that when God called her,
He had a need for her above,
I also know that forever,
I will always have her Love.

I Love you, Mommy,
Can you hear me way up there?
Sometimes I am so very sad,
Because you are not still here.

But Mommy, I will always remember,
All the things you taught me true,
But It is so very hard for me,
Because I'm always missing you.

I know that you're an Angel now,
With a Special job to do.
But Mommy, I know this too,
That my job here is not through.

So someday we will meet again,
In that wonderful world above.
Until that time, My Mommy,
I will hold you Near, with Love

Author ...C. Clausen

For, Sandy, Tammy, Greg, Wayne, Chris and Tera. Know that you are truly missed.

Submitted by Sandy Lancaster in Memory of Our Mother Gail Lyell bn.5/11/42 died 12/14/98   Taken from all of us by Cancer