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A Tribute to my Mother

Agnes Calow Haase April 7, 1904 - November 16, 1983

     It's an old but very true saying, that a daughter will always need her mother. This is such a basic need that starts from the very moment of our birth. We never outgrowit, nor should we. It's just as true for sons, too. Multitudes of men over the centuries who have died in battle have been heard to call out, "Mother", in their final moments. My mother died 14 years ago and I still feel that need for her, even though I have eight grandchildren of my own.
     When I had my third child, it was an unusually difficult labour, and anesthesia could not be used. During that terrifying agony, I finally lost my cool. It was a very small rural hospital, and the delivery room door was open at the time. As I simply regressed and became just like a scared kid, I started yelling at the top of my lungs.
     Do tou think I cried out to GOD?.... or for my Husband? No Way! I yelled over and over again, "MOTHERRRRRR MOTHERRRRRR!" Later, I was told that the entire hospital had heard me. I was 25 years old at the time.
     Now that my mother is in Heaven, I still call out to her like that. I ask her to help me in this grief that I have over my son's death from cancer.
     I am becoming more and more aware of my mother's presence in all that is happening to me now. I know that she, who was known as "Nana" to her grandchildren, Is hugging her grandson, Ken, (my son); and Iknow that my Mother still hears me call out her name in these most painful and trying times. Thank you Mom. I love you.

     Your Valentine Daughter, Phyllis
      (I was born on Valentines Day)