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To Michael...

Michael Ray Ashley August 1, 1956 - July 10, 1994

Let me tell you a little about Michael. Michael and I met while he was in the Navy in 1977. We were married October 1978. He was the most kind and loving person I have ever met in my life. Michael loved helping people in any way he could, he always put others in front of himself. He was loved by many,especially me. I feel very blessed to have had Michael in my life for 17 years.

Michael you are missed so very much, my life will never be the same, when you died, half of me died too. Even though you were not Sherri's Bio Dad, you were always there when she needed you since she was 18 months old. You were the greatest Michael. I will always love you Babe .....till we meet again.

This is a poem , Sherri our daughter, wrote after Michael died, I had it put on the back of his headstone. I would like to share it with you.

You were a great husband and Dad
And we are so very glad
That sweet Jesus called out your name
And we truly know that He came
To get the soul that He set free
The one He shared with Penny and Sherri Leigh
You did the best, the best that you could
You thought it wasn't enough but the
Lord understood
We loved you so very, very much
And saw your life changed by the
Master's touch
You will live with us daily until we grow
Because of your heart that was pure as
And now the Jesus has called you home
We know that you'll save us a place by
His throne

We love you Michael and miss you so very much.................

Your Loving Wife & Daughter
Penny & Sherri

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