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July 7, 1976 - February 16, 1995

"A Mother’s Tribute"

Julie Lynn Soha was born on a beautiful sunshiny day in July. July 7th, 1976 to be exact. She weighed 7 pounds even and came into this world at precisely 2:07 PM. When her mom was little her lucky number was 7 so it only was fitting that most everything about that day revolved around the number 7.

Julie had little wisps of brown hair which her mother lovingly twirled into a curl on the top of her head and added a pretty pink bow to show her off to all that would look. She had a way at that young age of wrapping everyone around her little finger!

Even at an early age Julie was an entertainer. She would dance to her brother Jeremy’s music and love to sing to any music. Dance was a big part of Julie’s growing up years. She started taking tap in the first grade and continued until about her Junior year in high school. She also took jazz and a little bit of ballet but her favorite thing to do was to sing. She was in a singing group called "The Brite Sounds" for about 4 years. This little group of kids entertained at church functions, retirement homes, malls and wherever they were asked. Julie started taking piano lessons in grade school. She had a wonderful teacher that would encourage her to play by ear which Julie could do very well. Julie continued with her piano and was enrolled in a music and theory class in college in which she did very well. She composed a lot of her own music and music flowed out of Julie.

When Julie was 9 years old she was diagnosed with diabetes. Julie was very lucky to have a wonderful doctor that helped us through this hard time. We will forever be grateful for his kind and loving care of Julie. This did not stop Julie in any way. She took charge of what she needed to do and continued to do all she had been doing and much more. A big part of her life was now "diabetic camp". For the next few years Julie lived to go to Camp to be with all of her friends ~ many who were her counselors that she became quite close to. She was a cheerleader for 2 years which kept her very busy. Julie also started Seminary - a program for the teenagers of our church that help them to understand the scriptures. Her love for the Gospel was very much strengthened in this program. Her teacher was instrumental in helping these students learn to love the Gospel and the scriptures. Julie loved her Father in Heaven in a way most people do not feel until later their life. Throughout her journal she talks of keeping herself morally clean and in tune with what her Father in Heaven would want her to do.

When Julie left this life she was one of the most valiant sweet spirits here on this earth. Only our Father in Heaven knows why Julie had to go so early but in her passing so many people have testified of the wonderful sweet person she was. Her family has been so blessed to have these friends and acquaintances share with us some of what Julie was. We always knew she was a special child, but until she was gone we did not know the extent of what she had done with her life. She was always in tune with the Spirit. She never, ever had a bad word to say about another person, especially her peers. She tried to help all she knew and many she didn’t even know. She didn’t do these things in a boastful way but in a Christlike way.

When we found out we were moving to California, being a typical teenager, Julie had a hard time accepting this reality. But finally she decided that there must be a reason for us and her in moving to California. I think that in her passing many things have happened which have confirmed to us that she was very much needed here in California. We feel very blessed in the sweet way she accepted moving so far away from her friends.

Three days before Julie died she went running with one of her dearest friends. As they passed our church, Julie told Susan how much she loved the Gospel and how much it meant to have it in her life. She indicated that whoever she might marry would probably have to wait for her to fulfill a mission because she felt she needed to serve her Father in Heaven. Julie is serving him now. And because of the Gospel all is not lost. We will be with Julie again. Julie will serve a valiant mission and be reunited with her family once again. The Gospel of Jesus Christ testifies to us that this will be possible and with this knowledge, we will get through this trial of being separated from her. We love her so very much and because of the love we have for her, and all our children, our hearts hurt so much. I’m so glad we were blessed to have this beautiful spirit bless our home. Just as when she was with us in body she is still with us in spirit. We will never, ever forget her and look forward to the day when WE WILL BE TOGETHER FOREVER!

The day Julie passed away a friend from Oregon wrote this sweet poem that I would like to share with you all. It sums up her life so well.

Julie Lynn Soha

Her life was patterned after HIM
She lived to serve her fellow men
Her testimony, like a raging fire
Towards anyone, she held no ire

She quietly left this beautiful Earth
To serve her Heavenly Father above
Sharing the gospel of Christ our Lord
Receiving Eternal Life, her just reward

Someday we’ll see her smiling face
And in our joy we will embrace
Tears of love will then be shed
No longer will we say she’s dead
Her body and spirit finally one
Because of the Only Begotten Son


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Julie passed through the veil on February 16, 1995 at age 18. During the night, sometime after 2:30AM, she had a insulin reaction which left her unable to function when somehow she had trouble breathing. No exact cause of death has been found. Although my heart aches to have her back with us physically, I have great comfort knowing she is with her Father in Heaven and he is looking after her until we are able to be with her again.

Thank you for sharing this special child of ours. We love her dearly!

Julie's Mom