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My momma is simply known as " Mudd "

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January 18, 1946 -- February 3,1997

    My momma and I HAVE a relationship like very few mothers and daughters have these days. We are not only mother and daughter, but we are bestfriends. There was nothing that we couldn't and didn't talk about, with us the sky was the limit.
    We basically grew up together, and when one felt pain... the other felt it too.  If one of us was in a bad/blue mood all we had to do was hear each others voice and nothing seemed so bad that we couldn't handle together... just see'ing a smile lighten momma's face was more than my heart could bear at times, I would stare at her in awe and wonder what I did to be so blessed to have her in my life...  guess in many ways you could call us soul-mates. Momma is a kind of woman that would give a stranger the shirt right off her back. Momma always had a shoulder to cry on, a hand to help you up... she was always there to give you a pat on your back, or a boot to your back side when it was needed haha :) Momma is truelly an execptional person, I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful mother or friend.  I found my momma brutally murdered on Feb 3,1997... and that is the date that I died also, although I still exist physically... I am gone emotionally! My world changed forever that one dreadful day... how I wish I could go back, or just have 5 minutes to say all that I never said... always thinkin that I would see her tomorrow and would have lots of time to say whatever I wanted.. but even if I told momma I loved her every five minutes ( which I did alot ) , I still could never say it enough. But I talk to momma all the time still, and I don't let very long pass before I say I love her, and I know she knows...       

                  I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU SO MUCH MOMMA!!!!!!!!
                        LOVE YOU FOREVER AND A DAY
                               LITTLE MUDD  ( your dough girl )