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Grandpa Harold Finley Brown
December 9, 1998

Dear Grandpa Harold,
          I love you very much. I will miss your stories and your humble smile. The way you walked
down the street and the way you laughed. I expected you to live to a hundred years old, like
George Burns, but it was cut short. Even though your'e gone I will never forget the smell of your
Ford station wagon. The smell of cigar ash and old rubber bands. The endless paper clips and
stacks of every magazine imaginable. I can still see you sitting at your round table, back hunched involving yourself in hours of Sweepstakes mail under the glaring table lamp. I miss your hotdog and mustard dinners, your vienna sausages and your fruit cocktails. I remember going with you to Mc Donalds and ordering cheeseburgers and fries with extra salt. You where a simple humble loving person... and thats why I love you so much. And I know that you are more happier then you ever where before. We will always miss and love you always.

                                                               Love, Your Grandson, Hassan

~In Dedication to my Grandpa Harold~