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My tribute is for my daughter Amanda Watkins

 March 29,1989 -- December 11,1993

     Amanda died of cancer (neroblastoma), she was 4 years old.  Anyone that knew her loved her.  She lived a short time, but affected so many.  My daughter was wrote about in 2 different newspapers.  The first was in Dover, Main.  Her Aunt Pat had giving her two stuffed bunnies for Easter and when she went into Cook's Hospital in June for a bone marrow transplant the bunnies had to be washed.  The male bunny got torn up, and she was devastated because to her the bunny had died.  The newspaper printed the story because the bunnies were seasonal. Well a Leggett employee had bought a set for her daughter and she gave my daughter  the male from her set.  The next time was a newspaper from Texas (the Fort Worth Star Telegram) wrote because me and my family decorated for Christmas in November because we knew she would not make it to see her favorite holiday.  We had her party November 11,1993 and she died December 11,1993.  
    I just want to tell her story so everyone will know her and love her as much as I do.  She will always be a reminder that death knows no age.  My daughter will always live in my memories, even death could not take her because she lives on in my heart.  To all who read this do not morn for me, just take with you her name Amanda and if you have kids hug and kiss them and remember life is a gift.  My daughter is a gift to me that when I remember her, I remember that I was so lucky even though I only got 4 years.  But they were the best 4 years of my life.

Love Mom