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                            To Remember Our Tiny Angel,

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                                Paul Lyndon Thomas Garratt, April 21,1997 to April 23,1997.

                        This page is a special place for me and my family. Here we hounor the                          memory of my littie boy who passed away 2  days after his birth. He was an                          insperation to me I felt his love every time he looked at me. We both tried all                          those months, to hold on but in the end he was too small and weak to stay. I                          comfort myself with knowing that his great grandma is caring for him until I                          get there.  I feel his spirit everyday, I know when he died he left a part of                          himself within my soul to replace that part that died with him.  I wrote the                           poem below. Please read it and remember that it was written from my heart.

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                            My little one how you have grown,only in my imagination.
                       I loved you too much prehaps but I will never truly let you go.
                      The day you left me I shall never forget as you looked at me to say a silent                          good-bye.  

                       So peaceful you looked as you slipped away lying in my arms that day.  So now                          I wait to be with you and in the spring I know you'll come.  Whispering on the                          softest breeze You know I love you dearly Mum.