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    This is for my Stepfather Ronnie, the PaPaw to my children, and husband to my mother.  I was 13 when Ronnie married my mom.  At the time I despised him, we butted heads all through my teenage years.  Your not my Father were my famous words to him.  As I became older an had children of my own, Ronnie became their PaPaw since my real father was deceased.  We still butted heads though, I grew to love Ronnie like my children and my mother did though I never really told him that.  On April 18,1992 we were at the river for Easter weekend.  Ronnie, my Uncle Johnny, and a family friend set out in the boat to set trotlines.  They never made it back.  Their boat was swept over the dam, all three drowned.  My mother misses Ronnie very much, my children miss the only PaPaw they ever had, and I miss him to.  I LOVE YOU DEAR, LINDA.  WE LOVE YOU PAPAW, GARY AND NICOLE, I LOVE YOU RONNIE, YOUR STEP DAUGHTER.