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Karen Lynn Berry January 28, 1981 to July 11, 1998



No skating party this year; no swimming at the "Y";

But still I’ll light the candles, sing alone, and then I’ll cry.

No birthday presents to unwrap, no sticky monkey cake.

No birthday phone calls all day long, from the moment that you wake.

This would have been the big one – Eighteen – you couldn’t wait!

Your life had only just begun, you were eager to challenge fate.

You thought this year you’d be grown up; no more rules and regulations.

You could have done it, baby, fulfilled all your expectations.

Your dreams died with you in July, now when ‘Happy Birthday’ is sung,

I’ll be singing to only my memories, in which you’ll stay forever young.

Then I’ll place roses on your table, wet with tears from a heart left broken

By knowing your dreams will never come true, and sorrow for words left unspoken.

Love you forever,



Kathy Berry

January 21, 1999