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In Memory of my Mother and Father

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Life has come to a standstill.....not wanting to believe your gone.
We know in our hearts you are with god and all his glory...its promised.
You are missed from within the depths of our souls, the bottoms of our hearts.
Two wonderful people who made the true values of life first...who passed it on with ease, who only wanted the best for all of us.

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November 23, 1943

    The day my parents were married.  I believe love was blessed by god from the very start.  During the span of their lifes..they bore 6 children, from there they were blessed with 6 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.  Through the years their believe in god and their love for each other, as well as thier love of their children, never waivered.  We could always
count on their strength.  They always gave everything they had to their family.   Thier values and morals were noted, and valued by many.  If one of us ever needed anything, we could always count on their being there for us.  This is the trust of god, and two people who wanted a "life together" parents. 

We will miss you both from the bottom of our hearts.  Holidays will always bring   "rememberance" of the love you both so freely gave...the fun ...the love...the joy.
Two people....who made a difference in life.  Who even in death, went side
by side, as they always did in life.

To me..that is "love"....a love story, which i am proud to have been a part
of.  It's not "good-bye" mom, dad, it's...until we meet again.

For all of, is always and forever, in our hearts.
                        We love you mom, grandma,
                        We love you dad,  grandpa,
                         Your Children and Grandchildren          

A piece of each of our hearts went with you both.....until we meet again....
                      We love you,
                       Sharon, Maureen, Mike, Dennis, Kathy, Tim