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Carol Elizabeth Arnup


(Picture Soon)


April 9,1946 --  July 4,1997

    Carol was the second child of John and Dora Arnup. She had 3 sisters: Judy, Kathy, and Jane.

    Carol was an exceptional teacher. She worked in special education most of the 26 years in which she taught. She had a great impact on many of her students. A memorial was held at her school, John Wanless, Dec 10,1997. Her coworkers also admired her organizational abilities. She could draw up recess duty list and prep time lists and somehow please everyone.

    Carol was a talented musician and played piano by ear. She organized choirs every year at her school and also musical performances. Every child who wanted to be involved always had a spot. These musicals always turned out very well. She imparted her love of music to many people. A music award in her memory has been established at John Wanless School.

    Carol had tremendous inner strength. She was originally diagnosed with malignant melanoma in 1975. Following surgery, she became part of a research programme at Sunnybrook hospital. After 6 years cancer free, Carol married Paul Andrews. Although they had no children, they both enjoyed travelling and shared a love of teaching. Carol was rediagnosed with melanoma in 1985. This time there was radical surgery to remove tumors from the left side of her neck. We were told that it would be a miracle if she lived to be 40. She went deep inside herself for a while and when she emerged she was declared cancer free. Carol and Paul took a year off and travelled to Australia, Fiji, Portugal, and Jamaica. Five years later they went to Hong Knog, Indonesia, Egypt, Greece and JamaicaHer favourite place to visit was Negril, Jamaica which she visited over the christmas holidays 1996 for the last time.

    Carol was rediagnosed with cancer in Feb 1997, this time in her knee. A painful knee replacement followed and again she fought back to walk again. But the cancer had spread. She succombed to her illness on July 4, 1997 with 2 of her sisters by her side.

    Carol was our family miracle. She lived 20 years longer than anticipated and touched the lives of many children during that time. Carol was also a remarkable sister and her presence is missed daily by her family.