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Samantha Danielle Broussard






7/24/93 - 2/15/95


God  called our precious baby up to be with him today
And tho we grieve we know that in his arms she’ll always  lay

Samantha was a special little girl upon whose birth
Our lives were changed forever with her presence on this earth

A tiny little angel is she now in heaven above
Wrapped in the arms of Jesus surrounded by his love

We’ll miss her so but we will know she’s in a better place
Her pain is gone her suffering through  God is now erased

And tho her crib is empty and her things all put away
The way Samantha touched our hearts we’ll live with every day

Samantha Danielle Broussard
7-24-93      2-15-94

Written by Trudy Peden [Aunt)
February 15, 1994


I knew you loved me mommy
I knew daddy loved me too.
But dry your tears and smile again
Tell Tyler he should too.

In Jesus’ arms I’m rocking now
You’d be surprised to see.
All the other little angels
That came to welcome me.

My time with you was oh so short
But not in vain you see.
Cause now I’m whole and happy
Like you always wanted me.

Tell my Mamaw and my Papaw
I know they loved me too.
Cause when I looked into their eyes
Pure love came shining through.

And mommy tell them not to cry
When they remember me.
For heaven’s such a pretty place
I want them all to see.

The music is so beautiful
And everywhere you go.
It floats around and follows you
Through clouds that look like snow.

So come to see me mommy
Tell my dad I’m waiting here.
You’ll find me oh so easy
Straight to heaven - It’s so near.

Written by Trudy Peden (Great Aunt)
February 16, 1994


God said I could only stay for a little while
I was only here on loan
And God said Sam, here’s my plan
You’re going to visit an earthly home

You’ll spread joy and warmth and touch lots of lives
But remember my plan for you
Angels are needed in all kinds of places
For all the good things they do

So when I reach down and touch your crown
You’ll know your time was through
I was here for a lifetime though it may not seem true
But it’s all the time I had and I’m glad I shared it with you

So not one why, not even why me, don’t even question your faith
It’s not up to you and it’s not up to me,
It was God’s plan from my birth

Big brother Tyler said it best, he said Samantha’s gone to heaven to rest
That’s the way it was meant to be
So now I’m a memory, my visit is over
I knew it when God said to me

I’m ready Samantha for you to come home
Come home and sit next to me

Written by Conrad Phillip Case (Papaw)
February 15, 1994