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Ron Died suddenly on September 3, 1996 while playing handball at the the local gym.

Ronald D. Rose
June 24, 1935 --- September 3, 1996

     My dear love, it has been 4 months since your death. It seems like forty years that I have been battling on alone, and yet your presence is so vivid that I expect at any moment to hear your key turn in the lock and your loud familiar voice calling "hello," as you stride along the hallway. With what joy we would all rush to greet you. No man was ever more loved than you. You brought tremendous joy to all our lives. All your friends have grieved for you so. There is a void in me now that will be with me for the rest of my life. When you left, a piece of my heart went with you. Whatever form of immortality you may or may not have attained, I have to accept that your dear body has gone forever. That is hard to bear: not only the warmth and comfort and passion it afforded me, but also its actual existence. I often recall it. I dwell on the way you walked, gestured, frowned, smiled, your sense of humour. I can see the bushy eyebrows, the cut on your left arm, the funny nail on your fourth finger on your right hand, your funny toes, your beautiful hands, your knees. I hope that you will always stay so physically vivid. I am now more poignantly aware of the beauties of nature. I cry out for you to see them with me. You are so much a part of me. Which of my attitudes and thought processes can be considered wholly mine, after so long and association with yours? Some things would have given you great joy: the way the kids and family have rallied around each other in these past months. We gave a lot to each other, you and I, looking back over the years. Our qualities were complimentary. I'm glad it was you that I met and married, in spite of this tragic end. I resolve that life for the Rose family will not remain dull. For awhile, perhaps, until I find my feet. It can never be so exciting again, but I'll do my best when I feel sane again. I have to live for two now. Don't go away my love. You will always be remembered and loved...always...

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