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To Ricky Watkins

Nov. 4, 1961 - Nov. 24, 1993

Since You've Been Gone

I started your quilt the day you died
Tears stained the colorful material
I cried and cried until I was done
In you're honor I displayed the quilt for others to view
A stranger walked up to me and asked about you
Turns out you both worked together
He didn't know you were gone
I told him about you're memorial
The stranger politely said goodbye
I was alone to remember you

The day of the memorial I was solo
The church was standing room only
A stranger whispered to me, "come sit with me"
Turns out you worked with him
Now I wasn't alone to remember you
The service was over
the stranger politely said goodbye
I thank God for sending me your angel
To comfort me when I was alone to grieve

I read your name every year on December 1st
I even started a book to remember the people who are gone
I want to extend the offer to anyone who wants to remember
their loved one in a special way with a poem, story, recipe or drawing
I had your face drawn for the book with a rose
The rose symbolizes me close to you

Remember as kids how we listened to Barry Whites music?
Especially 'Can't Get Enough Of Your Love Babe'
How true that is