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Please e-mail me, I do not have your address anymore.

      Patrick I watched you grow from a boy who they said could not walk or talk to a boy who did walk, but did not talk, that does not matter because I know you loved me and I know that you knew I loved you. When you left me on September 26 1986 you left a hole that could not be patched. When I meet you, you knew that I was not what it seamed we laughed and played together like there was no end. But it all ended when you left. If you were here now I would do all the things that we used to play and just hold you tight within my arms. You lived from 11 November 1981 til 26 September 1986 on this earth, but you live forever in my heart. Your mother and I miss you very much. If you can look after us.

Love Mom and Dad

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