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Timothy Lewis Shrum 



June 11, 1963 - July 5, 1998


    In memory of a my loving brother. He is missed greatly.  He always made people smile and loved to joke around all the time. He hardly ever came arund without have a new joke or two to tell.

    Timmy was fishing with a lady friend on the shore. His friend brought her puppy along.  Timmy saw the puppy was having some struggles and dove in after. His lady friend dove in too.  She was swimming back to shore with the puupy.   Then Timmy started yelling for help.  She got there and Timmy was under water. She couldn't pull him up because he was too strong for her to pull him up.  So he lost his life.  BUT HE saved a puppy.

You'll always be missed and thought of Timmy.
                Love you always,