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    This tribute is for my big brother David William Robert Strain, he died Feb. 10, 1994 from a heroine overdose in Toronto, Ontario.  David was and still is the most important person in my family, he truly knew what unconditional love meant.
    He had a sense of humour like no one else I've met. David was more of a parent to me, he taught me the things in life that your parents are supposed to.  He left us with so many questions that we'll never know the answers to and since his death our family has become even further apart.  When you come from a dysfunctional family, there is little to hold on to and now we have nothing, no one wants to talk about him and I find this hurtful and disrespectful.  Even though he had a drug problem there was a light to David, He could light up any room he walked into.  People were generally drawn to  him, he was so charismatic and full of life.  I miss you terribly big brother and someday I know you will come to get me from this world, so until then "fish" MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU.

                                                    love "little sister"