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Kathy Jean Johnson. 

May 2, 1950 - March 21, 2000

    Mom wasn't even 50 when she died.  Certainly not old, by anyone's definition.  I keep trying to remember when she began dying; of course, at the time I didn't see it.  But in hindsight, it all becomes clear.  But more than the way she died, the way she lived shines on.

    My mother was, and will always remain, my best friend.  I don't know many girls my age who can say that.  Sure, we fought, and we got on each other's nerves.  But I loved her, and she loved me, and we both found comfort in that fact. 

    Everyday I spent with my mother was special.  Everything we did together was an event.  My mother is the epitomy of kindness, love, and unconditional acceptance.  I hope that the things she taught me, the way she lived, will always be a part of me. 

I hope I can continue the legacy of kindness and generosity she began.

I love you, Mom.
Cathina Johnson