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Jason Lee White

    My uncle, Jason Lee White, was taken from me in an automobile accident five years ago.  He was only 17 years old.  I was just barely old enough to remember what happened.  But, I do remember listening to Jason playing his guitar in his bedroom, and giving him heck when he would tease me.  But thats what uncles are for.  My Daddy misses him very much, and he talks about him all the time.  Jason was his only brother.  I have seen a lot of tears in the past five years.  And, I have spent a lot of time with my "Maw", trying to cheer her up.  She says I've always been good at that.  I just know that my family has been changed forever with the loss of Jason.  I have a baby brother now.  He
is still to young to understand what happened, or who Jason is, but we try to teach him.  When we ask him where Jason is, he points at his picture.  I just wish he could have met him.  I miss him very much, and I wish he was still here with me.  But, I know he is in Heaven, and that is a beautiful place.  Maybe he is watching me right now. 

If you are, Jason, I want you to know that we all Love you and Miss you!
Love, Breanne