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The Mourning After.

By Bill Heggs.

A salute to those who know the pain from the loss of a loved one.

In memory of my wonderful wife, "NADIA" , who was taken from me 5 years ago.

I am still plagued with the Questions;

Why Me?....Why her?....Why did we argue?....Why did we save?... Why didn't we travel?....Why didn't we do more together?.... Why did God let this happen?.... and most of all:.... Will we meet again???

The Happy Couple.

I send my sympathies to the thousands out there who suffer this loneliness.

Nadia lost the battle to Breast Cancer after 3 terrifying years of Chemotheropy and Radiation. It all started with a very small lump! Ladies Note! Don't forget the check-ups!

The kids miss her too!

Even the dog misses her!

This sight should remind us of - "The Mourning After"

I am getting on with my life, and you can see more at my

home page  

Please E-mail your Ideas on how we can help each other through these trying times.

At The Grave

as I remember her.