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To My Precious Son, Morgan: 

    Each and everyday still seems so empty without you here with me.   It has been 9 1/2 months since your passing and it still feels like yesterday to me.  I miss you so much my baby, but I know that you are in much better hands now and in a much better place where your soul needed to me to survive.  I thank Our Lord, Our Father for the gift of the 23 years that he blessed me with you.  I wish that it had been longer.  But even though I cannot physically see your face, you are with me every second of every day.  You are in my heart,and my thoughts all the time.   No one can take my memories away or my love for you Morgan.  I will always be your Mom and will always love you.  I have to hold on and be patient, because I know that we will be reunited soon.  This I look forward to with no fear at all.   Because being with you again is
all I really want.  I love you baby, give "Garr" a big hug and kiss from me.

Please stay close, I need to feel you by my side just to get thru each day.
Love, Mom