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Our Story:

My son Michael was killed by his own school bus as he was getting ready to walk across in front of it to come home.  I was waiting on the front porch and I witnessed the enitre tragic scene.  He did not pause, nor trip, nor in any way attribute to this happening.  The bus driver simply did not have her mind on her job that day and was in a hurry.  Michael had only taken 5 steps in front of the bus when she started to go.  I screamed for her to stop, but she didn't hear me.  I saw the bus hit Michael and I saw the expression on his face as it happened.  I watched in horror as the tires ran completely over his little body.  I ran towards the bus yelling as loud as I could for her to stop, by the time I got to the bus she had ran completely over him, front and back tires.  I'm sharing this story in hopes of making parents think about their child's safety regarding the school bus.  If at all possible, have the child picked up and dropped off so the he/she does not have to cross infront.  If they must cross in front, make sure the bus is equipped with a gate that swings out forcing the child to walk further out in front of the bus to help the driver better see them.   The best safety measure would be to have paid adult bus aides who stand outside of the bus and watch the child safely cross.  See, normally, I went to the bus doors and took him by the hand and walked him across, this particular day, I didn't get outside in time.  It cost him his life and I live with that guilt.  God bless you all!