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Hi There 

    Posting is very simple. This is free and only costs you the price of mailing me your tribute. Just select which photos you would like to be displayed and drop them in an envelope. If you would like any other photos scanned while I am doing them, please feel free to drop them in. It's no big deal to scan a bunch while I'm doing them. Just be sure to let me know which ones you would like on the tribute page. If you have photos scanned already, you may email them to me.  For the text part of your tribute, please use the online form available at the website. 

Send the photos to: 

Memorial Online 
PO Box 22090 
RPO Elmwood Square 
St. Thomas, ON, CAN. 
N5R 6A1 

    Let me know when you mail them so I can keep an eye out for them at the PO Box office. As soon as I get them I will scan the photos and e-mail you the scans and also I will save them to disk and mail them back to you. Make sure you include a return address. Once I have created your own personal page, I will e-mail you your own private web address. You can go there and view the page and let me know what changes or corrections need to be done if any. I usually can do the corrections or changes within an hour of receiving e-mail from you or faster depending on if I'm sitting in front of the computer at the time. Once you are happy with the looks of the page, I will add it to the Tribute List page. 

    I guess that's it. One point of interest. This is not a company nor is it a business of any sort. I am doing it from my heart. I thought everyone should have a chance to post a tribute and It helps me to know I could help anybody by doing this. It is dedicated to my late Wife, Andrea and is, for me, something good to come out of something bad. 

    If you feel you would like to help out with connection time and account bills, please feel free to make a small donation payable to the above address. All moneys received will go back into the website. Your return address is completely confidential and will go to no one else. Same goes for e-mail address. 

    Please let me know if there are any further questions or anything else I can help you with. 

Peace my Friend 
Brad Parmeter 

The true measure of life is not how many people we know when we die, but how many people have been touched by us....